Bi-folding, Sliding or Art Deco doors – which one is right for you?

In recent years the French glazed door has been replaced in popularity by the bi-folding door.  Bi-folding doors can transform your living space, folding up to bring the garden literally into your house.  Recently we have also seen an increased popularity for sliding doors and also art deco steel doors.  In this article we consider the pros and cons.




These are a fantastic way of maximising the open space on the rear wall without their being any obstruction.  Bi-folding doors provide a good view from the inside to the outside, as well as letting in lots of natural light into the space.

James Bernard, our Director says ‘They offer great visual aspect to the outside and, if you’re short on room inside, they help create the illusion of space’.



The cleaner and wider the view onto the outside, the bigger your space inside will feel.  ‘French doors or double doors and windows all clutter up the back wall and miss the opportunity to show off space’, says James.  ‘But bi-folds offer a good view.  Even if your garden is not that big, the fact that your eye continues beyond the back of the house and out into the exterior really boosts the sense of space.

The cons of having bi fold doors are that the majority of the year, the view is of the door shut.  Because of the limitations on size there will be a lot of struts, aluminium and less glass than the sliding door alternative.  At the same time as the doors are fully open and stacked they hinge outwards and take up quite a significant amount of space into the garden.




Sliding doors offer a greater visual aspect from the inside to the outside, providing larger door leaf panels, more glass and less aluminium thereby creating more of a wow factor.



The downside is that you don’t have as much of an opening as the bifolding doors as they need to slide over each other.  Unlike the folding doors because the door leaf panels slide over each other the benefit is you’re not losing any inside or outside space.




This trend is growing in popularity as an escape and alternative to the other two more typical options. Whilst still providing visual aspect to the outside it is a cosier set up and you are not as open as the sliding or folding equivalents.  The bar details within the glazing create a very alternative effect.