Victorian Terrace Kitchen Extension Ideas

Have you recently bought an outdated Victorian terrace property? Or maybe your family is growing and you’re finding that your current Victorian terrace home is getting a little cramped? These homes are ideally suited to extensions, and pokey, dark rooms can easily be opened up to create those spacious areas best suited to modern family living. Here are some Victorian terrace kitchen extensions in London homes to inspire your project.

Victorian Terrace Kitchen Extensions in London Homes

Plus Rooms, Kitchen Extension, Milner Road, SW19-6

Space to Grow in Wimbledon

This semi-detached Wimbledon home is a classic Victorian terrace property that was waiting for a homeowner with vision to come along. Thanks to a wraparound kitchen extension to the side and rear of the property, a large and welcoming kitchen and dining space that opens up into the garden was created. This extension added 1.6m from the side return and 5m from the original rear wall to create a space that offers a full depth of 7.3m and a generous 4.5m full width. Finished in light wood and pale stone with striking copper fixtures, the new kitchen and dining space is modern, warm, and flooded with natural light from the slim Crittall style doors.

Plus Rooms Kitchen Extension Rectory Rd

Room to Share in Tooting
Family life is about spending time together, whether it’s entertaining, watching TV, catching up with homework, or simply chatting about your day. This Tooting home’s Victorian terrace kitchen extension does just that, creating a multi-use space for every member of the family to enjoy. Luxurious and modern, it’s warmed by exposed brickwork and lit naturally by full-width aluminium sliding doors and skylights. By extending the rear of the home and expanding into the side return, a generous space has been created to include a kitchen, dining room, and lounge.

Victorian Terrace Kitchen Extension Holmewood Road London

A Heart of the Home in Tulse Hill

In Victorian times, the kitchen was a place for work – and nothing but work. Today, that has all changed, with the kitchen becoming the heart of family life. In this Tulse Hill home, their Victorian terrace extension embodies this, creating a space for creativity, contemplation, and companionship. Large-scale glazing prevents the new space from being too dark and invites nature into the home, and the small sitting area at the rear is the perfect spot to curl up with a book.

Victorian Terrace Kitchen Extension Nigel Rd London

Sleek and Spacious with Room to Play in Rye Lane

Victorian terrace house extension ideas don’t have to be period piece alterations in order to work, as this Rye Lane home shows. With clean lines, chic minimalist materials, and a modern colour scheme, this extension makes a very attractive contrast with the traditional Victorian architecture without clashing. This wraparound extension allowed the homeowners to redesign the flow of the home’s lower level, creating a generous kitchen, dining and living space as well as a downstairs WC, snug and home office space.

Plus Rooms kitchen rear extension terraced Hillcourt Road SE22 (3)

Warmth and Style in East Dulwich

With the right construction and interior design partner, your Victorian terrace house extension ideas can be creative as well as practical. This East Dulwich home uses the generous space created by a large 9 x 2.4 x 6.2m wraparound extension to bring the family’s interests together into one stylish and beautiful space. With book-lined shelves, a sophisticated kitchen and an original fireplace, this project brings old and new together to create a living and entertaining space that is warm, comforting and welcoming. Separated from the garden with a full-width large panel sliding door, the entire space opens up onto the deck to create even more space in beautiful weather.

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Let Our Full-Service Construction Team Make Your Victorian Terrace Home Fit for Family Life

Plus Rooms is a specialist in home construction, having completed over 1,400 bespoke construction projects in the London area over the last 17 years. We make this process as quick and convenient as possible by managing every project from the first designs, through construction, to the handover of the final result. 

When your Victorian terrace home isn’t suitable for your family lifestyle, it’s time to call in our specialists to see how we can help you achieve the lifestyle you want without moving house. Our end-to-end design and construction team can show you how to transform your home and make it a space your entire family can enjoy. 

Contact us for more information on terraced house extension ideas for Victorian properties or to find out how we can enhance your home through bespoke construction and design services.

Kitchen Extension Ideas for Terraced Houses

Terraced houses are some of the most popular in the UK, filled with character and features from the Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian eras. And while they do have a lot of great benefits for homeowners, their long and narrow floor plan that’s filled with small rooms and blocked off from natural light isn’t one of them. The best way to take on this challenge is with a kitchen extension. This not only allows you to increase your floor space and redesign the flow between downstairs rooms for modern life, but it also creates opportunities to bring in more light and the outdoors. Here are some terraced house extension ideas that will help you change the way you live in your home, and create value in your investment.

Types and Examples of Terraced House Extensions to Inspire You

Terraced House Extension in Barnard Hill London

Affordable Spaciousness Through Flat Roof Terraced Extensions

Flat roof extensions are the most affordable and least labour-intensive types of kitchen extensions because they are comparatively quick and easy to design and build. The rooflines are less obtrusive, helping the extension to settle against the older building, and they can be finished off with some elegant features including wildflowers and hidden drainage.

This Haringey terraced house extension shows how a simple flat roof extension can add an impressive amount of breathing room into a terraced house without being a big project. In total, the roof and rear wall have been pushed out by just 1.5 metres, creating an almost full-sized wall sliding door that extends the dining area out into the garden and space for two large-scale roof skylights that flood the kitchen and dining space with natural light.

Plus Rooms Kitchen Extension

Creating Volume with Pitched Roof Terraced Kitchen Extensions

Some terraced houses have low ceilings that further reduce natural lighting and make the space feel cramped. The answer to this is to extend the kitchen and living space using a pitched roof extension that adds volume and airiness to the heart of your home.

This Victorian home in Battersea achieves exactly this effect, with a vaulted ceiling spanning the newly-created kitchen and dining space. Thanks to a thoughtful design, the new rear extension perfectly complements the existing terraced house, with the gable, flooring, and character features flowing effortlessly through the old space and the new.

Plus Rooms kitchen rear extension terraced Ravensbury Road SW18 (19)

Simply More Square Footage with a Rear Extension

The garden at the rear of the home is the natural space in which to extend a terraced house, as it usually requires no planning permission and is much less labour-intensive than other types of extensions. While a rear extension can make a terraced house even longer, a good design will prevent this from feeling tunnel-like. This is achieved by maximising glazing, letting the home flow into the garden, and creating a feeling of airiness throughout the lower level.

You can see this in action in this Southfields home’s terraced house kitchen extension, which involved demolishing a rear outhouse and building a contemporary extension with crown roof vaulting and three skylights. The positioning of the skylights and the full rear sliding door ensure that light is brought into the home throughout the day, giving it a natural warmth and spaciousness.

Plus Rooms Kitchen Extension Thornbury Rd

Expanding a Terraced Home with a Wraparound Extension 

When you have a family, it can feel like a terraced home simply isn’t enough! But that doesn’t mean it’s time to move from your small house. If you have the option to do so, a wraparound extension will transform your tight space into a proper family home.

This Hounslow home added a huge amount of family living space with a 1.8 x 3.4 x 7.5-metre wraparound extension that changed the floor plan of the home. This extension created a comfortable entry hall, private lounge and office areas, and an open plan family kitchen, living space and dining space that flows effortlessly into the garden.

Kitchen extension for terraced house in Southwark London

A Small and Simple Side Extension

Side passageways are a waste of space in most terraced homes, so a side extension is a perfect way to get some much-needed breathing room inside. Much of our modern lives revolve around a shared kitchen and living area and having just 1.8 metres more space added to the width of this room can utterly transform it.

The terraced kitchen extension in this East Dulwich home is a great example of this, allowing the homeowners to make a wide and spacious kitchen and dining area by shifting the downstairs WC and extending through the side return. As always, bespoke skylights and large glazed doors out into the garden create a light, nature-filled space to enjoy.

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Bespoke Terraced House Extensions in London

If your terraced home no longer fits your family, don’t think about moving just yet. Our end-to-end design and construction team can show you how to transform your home and make it a space your entire family can enjoy. Over the last 17 years, we have completed more than 1,400 bespoke construction projects in the London area, managing every project from the first designs, through construction, to the handover of the final result. 

For more about terraced house extensions, please get in touch with our team to see how we can transform your home.

A Guide to Bifold Doors for Kitchen Extensions

Bifold doors, which are made of stackable panels that fold up against a wall, are one of the most sought-after features in kitchen extensions. Here’s a quick guide to the benefits of these doors as well as some inspiring kitchen extensions with bifold doors that showcase them in action.

Why Choose a Home Extension with Bifold Doors?

Unlike sliding doors and traditional doors, bifold doors concertina the panels together to allow you to open up the full width of your extension, essentially taking the place of the rear wall. They also take up much less space this way and are easier to move, so you don’t have to worry about creating space for a conventional door leaf to swing, worrying about wind and the weight of a door, or even positioning your furniture to be out of the flow of traffic. They are supported by railings on the top and base of the doorway, sliding quietly and lightly out of the way with minimal effort. This means you can use heavy, thick glazing to keep in the warmth which is most commonly framed in aluminium.

Sturdy, practical, and easy to use, bifold doors are a functional way of opening a space out into the garden, creating a floor-to-ceiling opening almost the full width of your rear wall. This creates that feeling of indoor-outdoor living, bringing your kitchen and dining space out into the garden, and linking it with the smells of fresh herbs and flowers. This also makes it easy for entertaining, creating a single, large space where people can spread out from the heart of the home and enjoy beautiful weather.

Another benefit of these doors is that they are very weatherproof while allowing plenty of natural light into the space, making them ideal for kitchen extensions where you want light and warmth to be optimised in the space even over low light seasons.

Be Inspired by These London Kitchen Extensions with Bifold Doors

Plus Rooms Kitchen Extension in London

Sumptuous Space to Entertain in Lewisham

Bifold door house extensions create a powerful visual impact in small extensions, creating a feeling of spaciousness even on a smaller footprint. This extension in Lewisham is a separate 4.1m x 4.3m space, yet it transforms a small home into a functional and flowing entertainment space. With bifold doors on two sides, the room spills out onto the patio and into the garden, creating a luxurious entertaining and family space out of a cramped kitchen. With just an additional 12 square metres of space, this home – and the lifestyle of the homeowners – is enhanced in every way.

Plus Rooms, Kitchen Extension, Rosemont Road

Dramatic Indoor-outdoor Living in Ealing

In the UK, sunny days and warm weather are to be treasured – and this Ealing kitchen extension with bifold doors shows exactly how London homeowners can do just that. The 7.2 m rear walls would have been far too large to accommodate a sliding door or conventional door without closing it in with brickwork. So the owners chose to maximise their glazing instead, taking bifold doors across almost the full width of the extension. This creates a sweeping vista out into the garden, inviting full sunshine into the home and allowing the entire space to be opened to the elements on a beautiful day. Of course, because of the structure, a bifold door can be opened in sections – from just one panel to the entire expanse of the door, making it functional in all seasons.

Kitchen Extension with Bifold Doors

Free Flow of Pets, Children, and Life in a Small Camberwell Extension

Bifold doors are often associated with larger extensions, but there’s a lot to be said for small extensions with bifold doors. This is because even if the doors cover a wide space, they fold up very neatly to allow you to use the maximum amount of the doorway without having to create space for the door leaves to fit. In a small home extension, a sliding door would only be able to open half the width of the doorway, while a conventional door would have to be bricked or glazed into place, cutting the home off from the garden. This Camberwell kitchen extension shows off this concept exceptionally well, demonstrating how a bifold door allows you to make optimal use of your extension space.

Kitchen Extension with Bifold Doors in Wimbledon

Clean Lines and Modern Living in Wimbledon

With double glazing and modern aluminium frames, bifold doors create a secure, weatherproof entryway that keeps your home warm and light through the seasons. It also looks especially good in contemporary home interiors, like this extension in Wimbledon. Enhanced by large panels of overhead glazing and generous windows, this kitchen is filled with natural light and to create a true heart of the home. With generous bifold doors into the garden, it’s a space for children to play, get some fresh air, and enjoy nature with every meal.

Plus Rooms, Kitchen Extension, London, SE22-32

Bold Design and Open Flow East Dulwich

One of the main reasons to create a kitchen extension with bifold doors is to make the flow of traffic easy, serene and manageable in a smaller home. By opening up the entire rear of the extension, the garden and patio become a part of the home – a space to spill over into when home life gets busy. At this East Dulwich home, a wraparound extension of a small home is given space to breathe by the almost full-length bifold doors. This allows the home to be adapted for entertaining or daily life with ease and brings a flood of light into the bold black and white kitchen to create a dramatic contrast.

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Create a Home That Flows with Your Lifestyle

At Plus Rooms, we specialise in bespoke house extensions, with every design uniquely tailored to the needs of individual clients. If you enjoy the breathing space and practicality that bifold doors create, we’re here to help you incorporate them into your home. As a London-based custom home construction company, we take care of every aspect of your project, from design to delivery. Talk to us today and see how a house extension with bifold doors can enhance the way you live.