Design Inspiration: Kitchen Diner Extension Ideas

For homes with small kitchens and a warren of ground floor rooms, kitchen diner extensions are one of the best options for opening up your space and creating a room that can be put to good use. It’s a practical and affordable project that makes a great alternative to the expense and upheaval of moving house, and it allows homeowners to add considerable value to your property at the same time. Of all the home improvements you may consider, a kitchen dining room extension is the most popular and offers the best returns. Now all you need to do is choose the right kitchen diner extension design.

Designing a Small Kitchen Diner Extension

Adding just a few metres onto a small kitchen can transform a dark and pokey space into a light-filled, usable space for entertaining or family. While every property is different, and terraced properties have their own challenges, there’s a surprising amount that you can achieve with the right construction partner. 

One of the most effective options for these properties includes rear extensions into the garden space, often completed with a stylish deck area and wide glass sliding doors to extend the space out into the garden for outdoor dining and entertainment. This can be combined with removing walls and changing the floor plan to make the space open and free-flowing. Many extensions of this type include large skylights and panels of glazing in the roof of the extension, drawing in as much natural light as possible.

With smaller extensions, a great design is critical to make the best use of your space. With the right approach and innovative design ideas, you can create a beautiful kitchen, dining and entertainment space, and even include a small home office space, wine storage, and other luxury extras.

Larger Kitchen Diner Extensions

If you have a larger property or an end-of-terrace house, you have even more options at your fingertips. Your extension can be as large as planning permissions and the budget allows, giving you the ability to add new rooms and functionality while opening up your space. 

Popular options for these homes include wraparound extensions, side and rear extensions, and even combination rear or side extensions with second-floor loft extensions. With the right kitchen diner extension design, your home can be reinvented to create large, family-friendly eating, entertainment, and gathering space, as well as adding useful extras like a ground floor WC, laundry room, or home office space.

As with the smaller extensions, design is key to making the space flow well, be fully functional for your needs, and use the space as cleverly as possible. Whether you want a bold, modern-industrial design or a traditional extension that seamlessly fits into your existing home while preserving natural light and character, having a design specialist will ensure your extension pays off.

Be Inspired by These Kitchen Diner Extension Ideas

Kitchen diner extension in Shepard's Bush, London

Compact, Stylish Life in Shepard’s Bush
Small homes can feel just as spacious with the right design, as proven by this beautiful Shepard’s Bush home extension. By extending into the side return and towards the rear of the property, this home makes the most of its floorspace to create a compact yet comfortable shared space. The elegant Critall-style doors along with the large skylights ensure that the space is flooded with natural light, creating a communal space for cooking, dining, and relaxing. This property includes some of the best small kitchen-diner extension ideas for getting the most out of smaller properties.

Kitchen diner extension in Norwood, London

A New Lease on Family Life in Norwood

Sometimes all a home needs to reach its full potential is a rear extension. In this West Norwood home, a 2.5m x 6.2m full-width rear extension with a fully glazed rear wall updates this home for modern life. Completed with sensitivity to the original style of the home, the extension is designed to include Critall-style doors and herringbone wooden flooring to seamlessly expand the home and settle into the building’s architecture. The pitched roof of the extension creates a feeling of spaciousness inside the combined living and dining area, and the tasteful skylights mean that adding length to the space improves natural light into the room.

Kitchen diner extension Ruislip, London

Sleek Modernism in Ruislip

An old, poorly designed extension can damage the value and use of a property the same way a new, well-designed extension can improve it! In this Ruislip home, the old extension simply wasn’t working. Replacing it with a modern, flat-roofed 3m x 7m full-width rear extension delivered the open, light-filled contemporary space that every homeowner dreams of. The feeling of spaciousness is exceptional, creating large dining, relaxing and cooking zones that seamlessly work together for entertaining and family life.

Kitchen diner extension in Tooting, London

Light-filled Living in Tooting

In a mid-terrace property, you can often feel closed in by homes on either side. But as this rear extension completed for this Tooting home shows, the dream of open breathing space can be made real. By having a rear wall that fully opens into the garden, the size of your living space is opened to huge proportions, allowing you to adapt the space for entertaining, family living, or simply enjoying the garden. The large triangular glazing in the roof’s pitch along with the skylights means even more light is added to the room, creating a true outdoor feel and letting in the light in any weather.

Kitchen diner extension in Twickenham, London

Space to Grow Together in Twickenham

This Twickenham home’s kitchen dining extension shows how versatile and family-friendly an open plan extension can be when it’s designed thoughtfully from the start. Using elements such as large folding doors, furnishings, and a kitchen island, the space is zoned for different activities, allowing families to spread out but stay together at the same time. By making the rear extension flush with the outdoor patio, family life and entertaining friends is made easy, using outdoor spaces to extend living space even further. This extension also allowed the floor plan to change, creating a new utility and en-suite.

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Single Storey Extension Design Ideas

Extending the ground floor of your home is one of the most popular and affordable ways to add practical living space to a property. It’s also a great way to get creative with your home – to add character alongside functionality to make it truly yours. Here are some elegant and attractive modern single-storey extensions and extension design ideas to inspire your project!

Types of Single Storey Extensions

Depending on the design of your house and planning permissions, you can typically use one or more of these methods to extend your home.

  • Rear Extensions

Rear extensions are ideal for terrace houses and homes where there is no practical way to extend upwards or out to the side. This extension makes use of your garden to incorporate new, usable space into your home. The great thing about these extensions is that you don’t need planning permission if the extension doesn’t extend more than 4m beyond the original rear wall of the house if it is a detached home, and no more than 3m if it is any other type of home. 3m may not sound like much, but it adds a huge amount of usable space in reality – especially if you add on patio space in the garden at the same time.

  • Side Extensions

The side return is one of the least-used portions of the property, so it makes sense to extend your home out to the side and gain some much-needed width to your ground floor living space.  A side extension is a great option if you don’t want to sacrifice any garden space. You don’t need planning permission for a side extension as long as it is 4m or less in height (3m if eaves are within 2 metres of a boundary), single storey, and must not be wider than half the width of the original house.

  • Wraparound Extension

A wraparound extension combines a side and rear extension to create a large, L-shape extension that wraps around the existing ground level. It’s the largest type of extension and therefore makes the biggest difference to your living space. As a result, it’s a great option if you want to completely reinvent your floor plan, adding a ground floor WC or utility room, or large, shared family space.

Single Storey Extension Design Ideas to Inspire You

Single storey extension in Tooting, London

Bask in Natural Light in Tooting

This wraparound single-storey extension transforms this Tooting home into a spacious location for entertaining, enjoying the garden, and living life to the full. With large-glazed doors that fully fold back, the garden is welcomed into the home along with plenty of natural light, further enhanced by skylights on the side return section. This has also resulted in the clever use of the space, with a pocket door leading off to a home office and a practical pantry sliding door.

Single storey extension in Peckham, London

Free-flowing Ground Floor in Peckham

This Peckham home shows that your original floor plan is only holding you back. By reconfiguring the space, the home now has a new, large front reception room, cloakroom, and utility room, as well as a large, functional kitchen and dining space. No access is required directly into the kitchen due to the clever layout, and the skylights and fully glazed rear wall offer plenty of light as well as garden access for entertaining and watching the kids.

Single storey extension in Kew, London

Family Living in Kew

Designing your home around family life is what this Kew home single-storey extension design is all about. The wraparound extension created a space for the whole family to enjoy, whether you’re eating together, watching a movie, or keeping an eye on the kids while they play outside. It also allowed the ground floor to be reconfigured to include a beautiful music space, creating a private escape when a little peace is needed.

Single storey extension in Wandsworth, London

Create a Heart of the Home in Wandsworth

The kitchen has become central to family life and entertaining, and this Wandsworth home’s rear extension helped create a space for gathering, sharing, and spending time together. The small home is transformed into a generous space for dining, cooking, and relaxing, spilling out through the large sliding doors into the garden space. It also allowed for the creation of a utility room and downstairs WC, which no family can do without!

Single storey extension in Claygate, London

Character-filled Extension in Claygate

Tastefully extending a character home is no easy task, and it requires plenty of inspiration and knowledge from your construction and design team. This Claygate home shows that a modern, spacious detached extension can be the perfect finishing touch to a traditional, character-filled home. The large glazed sliding doors enhance the views of the garden, and the carefully-designed pitched roofs allow skylights to let in natural light throughout the day without imposing on the original character of the home. The interior design mixes modern and traditional, and the materials used inside and out create a cosy homage to the main home.

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Good Homes January 2022

Another Level

Replacing a cramped loft conversion has given the Ransoms a stylist, light-filled bedroom and en-suite


Feature   Debbie Jeffrey
Photography   Liane Ryan
Project   Plus Rooms 


Matt Ransom, who runs a post-production retouching company, and wife Dawn, a PA, live with children Keira, 16 and Oliver, 12, in this three-storey, four-bedroom 1930s semi-detached house in Bromley.


To replace the existing draughty, cramped loft conversion with a larger timber dormer, removing and re-tiling the entire roof and forming a new window in the side wall to creating a bright, spacious
bedroom and en suite.


Building work & materials £55,800
Finishes & labour £9,804
Sliding glass doors, glass balustrade & window £10,818
Rooflights & blinds £1,860
Sanitaryware & shower screen £6,627



Q Why did you replace the existing loft conversion? 

When we bought the house four years ago, it was dated and needed to be completely renovated, but we loved the garden and green views and knew we could make some real improvements. The loft conversion, dating from 1975, was so cramped and low that you couldn’t stand up properly in much of it, and there was a tiled cupboard that was supposed to serve as an en suite. Gaps around the window meant the space was always freezing cold in winter, and we never went up there.

Q How did you tackle the project? 

We’d seen Plus Rooms featured in magazines, and spotted one of their vans, so asked them for a quote for a new timber dormer to create a main bedroom and en suite. They drew up plans, which included a replacement staircase and gained planning permission before starting work

Q Where did you find inspiration for the interior? 

We wanted to keep the scheme neutral and then dress it with colourful furniture, plants and artwork, so used magazines and Pinterest to help us plan, before shopping online. Plus Rooms installed the sanitaryware and decorated the rooms, and everything ran really smoothly. There’s underfloor heating in the shower room, and the extra height has allowed for both a bath and shower. The whole space feels private and isn’t overlooked, so we can open the sliding doors and really enjoy the feeling of being high up above the trees.

Plenty of plants help improve air quality and provide a relaxing and decorative focus, connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces

The wardrobes in the bedroom have been designed to follow the slope of the roof, making full use of the available space

Installing glazed sliding doors and a clear glass safety balustrade enables the new space to capture stunning views of the garden and trees



Loft Conversions


Loft conversions can cost less than half  the price of building a new extension  as the basic structure is already in
place, and planning permission isn’t  always required. Some lofts can prove  expensive to adapt, though, and space
will also be taken up by  a new staircase,  so make sure that you’re actually  gaining more living space overall.


Many specialist companies offer complete design and build services, and although work times vary, use 8-12 weeks as a guide. Alternatively, approach an architect or designer to produce drawings , which can then be used for tendering to builders. Building regulations apply and fire safety is vital.


Consider how the new space will be heated and soundproofed.  If extending your existing central heating system check your boilers is powerful enough to cope, and think about the type of flooring to avoid noise transferring to neighbours or the rooms below. 

Twin sinks and mirror are suitable for even the smallest bathroom if scaled correctly, and saves time on busy mornings


The new dormer has allowed room for both a freestanding tub and a sizeable shower in the space.


Sliding glass doors, £7,026; glass balustrade, £2,412; window £1,380, all Integral. Rooflights, £1,400; blackout blinds, £460, Velux. Aura flooring, £55 per sqm, Polyflor. Walls painted in Night Jewels 2, £18 per ltr, Dulux. Brenton oval double panel vertical radiator in Anthracite, £327; Crosswater Belgravia lever tall basin mixer tap, £259.99 each; exposed thermostatic shower, £929.99; ArmourCast Essence freestanding bath, £899.99, all Drench. Shower glass & fittings, £1,877, Par Glass. Basins, £238 each; vanity unit, £1,739, all Parker Howley & Co. Butler & Rose Caledonia lever deck mounted bath filler, £299.99, Tap Warehouse. Abbey Décor floor tiles, £38.40 per sqm, Porcelain Superstore. Flat Chalk Farm white wall tiles, £20.95 per sqm, Walls and Floors