Design Inspiration: Kitchen Extension Ideas

Today, kitchens are more than a meal preparation space – they’re the heart of home life. A must-have for any dream house is a light, stylish, open kitchen space that brings together the best of cooking, dining, sharing, and entertaining. While many homes in the UK have small, old-fashioned kitchens that are impractical and too dimly lit for modern living, renovating your kitchen is a fantastic way to get the home you want, on budget, and add value to your overall investment. Here are some of the most effective and elegant kitchen extension design ideas from Plus Rooms to inspire you and create the perfect home.

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Kitchen Diner Extension Ideas

Kitchen Diner Extension in London

If the ground floor of your UK home is a muddle of small, impractical rooms that don’t flow well or let in much natural sunlight, you aren’t alone. And you don’t have to keep on living in the dark either. Knocking out walls and extending your kitchen diner area creates a surprising amount of far more usable space, allowing you to create a welcoming and bright open plan kitchen and diner where family and friends can gather. 

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Kitchen Extension Ideas for Victorian Houses

Kitchen extension for a Victorian house in London

While there is so much to love about character-filled Victorian properties, their dark, cramped kitchens aren’t one of them. Whether you are in a terrace that’s suffered from tasteless extensions or a larger home that’s never been modernised, there’s a lot you can work with to help reach your property’s full potential. Depending on your budget, position, and style, you can create an open diner, comfortable sitting area, and entertainment space, bringing your home up to date through a tasteful, modern kitchen extension. 

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Side Kitchen Extension Ideas

Side kitchen extension in London

Want to preserve as much of your garden space as possible while making your home bigger? A side kitchen extension is the best way to get it done. Many homes have unused, impractical spaces to the side of the structure, so it makes sense to incorporate them into the home itself so that you can get the most use out of your property. A great side kitchen extension gives your living areas space to breathe, making the home more spacious for family living. And with the right design, it will maximise natural light too, incorporating glazed skylights and panels to expand the space even further. 

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Rear Kitchen Extension Ideas

Rear kitchen extension in London

If you don’t have a side return or simply want to maximise your floor space, a rear kitchen extension is a great option. Today’s rear extension designs are sophisticated and attractive and can create a modern contrast against your traditional architecture or sit seamlessly against the original building to look like it’s always been there. By creating a flow out into the garden using level decking, large bi-fold or sliding doors, and other architectural elements, rear kitchen extensions create a beautiful connection with the outdoors that’s perfect for family living and entertaining. 

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Side Return Kitchen Extension Ideas

Side return kitchen extension in London

Edwardian and Victorian homes often have a small ally to the side of the property that’s leftover from a much older way of life. Rather than letting it turn into a dumping ground for bins, bikes, and garden equipment, it’s much more useful when used to widen the living areas of these often-narrow properties. A thoughtful and well-designed side return extension complete with skylights and bifold doors will transform a kitchen into a light and airy multi-use space with far more usable space. Depending on what you’d like to achieve, your kitchen can become an eat-in kitchen-diner, a family space for eating together and watching TV, or a space for entertaining friends and family. 

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Wraparound Kitchen Extension Ideas

Wrap around kitchen extension in London

If you want to get the most out of your home renovation and you have the space to expand, it’s difficult to beat a wraparound kitchen extension. Also called an L-shape extension, this essentially combines a side extension and rear extension into one project. It’s a very worthwhile way to extend your home even though it’s more costly, as homes with large, airy rooms are in high demand. By pushing out to the side return and into the garden by just a few square metres, you can completely reimagine your ground floor and outdoor entertainment space, creating a light and airy kitchen, adding a downstairs WC, and much more. 

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Kitchen Family Room Extension Ideas

Kitchen family room extension in London

Open plan living goes with family life as strawberries go with cream. When you have children, the design of your home’s living areas can create the family lifestyle you want to achieve, especially when you choose a kitchen family room extension. This type of extension creates a centre for home life – a space to gather for meals, relax in comfort, finish homework, watch the children play, and wind down. These extensions can be completed in any style, whether you want a more affordable, modern flat-roofed extension or a character-filled but more expensive pitched roof option. 

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Small Kitchen Extension Ideas

Small kitchen extension in London

When it comes to a kitchen that works and feels great, the key is in how you use the space – not how much space you have. A small kitchen extension can transform your space, creating something stylish, functional, and enjoyable to use without requiring a lot of work or a big budget. With small kitchen extensions, great design is essential. It’s an opportunity to stretch your imagination and creative organisation skill, adding high-quality appliances, bold urban designs, and luxurious skylights to produce a truly envious and inspiring space. 

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Victorian Terrace Kitchen Extension Ideas

Victorian kitchen extension in London

Older and unmodernised Victorian terrace properties are one of the best buys on the market because they offer plenty of potential at a more affordable price. However, you need the vision and design inspiration to look beyond the dark rooms and narrow spaces to see how the right kitchen extension can transform the property into a new home. Victorian terrace kitchen extensions can be designed for mid, end-of-terrace, and semi-detached properties, expanding down the side return and/or into the rear garden to deliver a modern, light-filled, and spacious way of life. 

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Kitchen Extension Ideas for Terraced Houses

Kitchen extension for a terraced house in London

Terraced houses are very popular in the UK, and while they don’t give you many options for expansion, some very clever and effective designs will extend the kitchen and living area to create a luxuriously spacious home. Kitchen extensions for terrace houses can include side and rear extensions, flat or pitched roof designs, and modern or character concepts, so there are plenty of opportunities to put your stamp on your property – and increase its value. 

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Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen Extension Ideas

Kitchen extension with vaulted ceiling.

London homes often come with limited expansion options, but a vaulted ceiling can provide the desired light and spaciousness. Unlike flat ceilings, a vaulted ceiling follows a peaked roofline, adding an extraordinary touch to the space and drawing the eye upwards. This effect creates an airy and larger appearance, even within small rooms. Vaulted ceilings offer increased surface area, perfect for incorporating glazing, transom windows, and skylights, enhancing daylight capture throughout the day. This infusion of natural light not only creates a warm and welcoming ambience but also contributes to energy savings. While pitched roofs lean towards tradition, they offer great flexibility to harmonise with your home’s overall style and kitchen interior design.

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Large Kitchen Extension Ideas

A large kitchen extension in London.

In contemporary homes, the kitchen serves a multitude of purposes beyond cooking. It’s where we observe our children completing homework or engaging in outdoor play, indulge in our hobbies, and host gatherings with friends and family. When presented with the luxury of space for expansion, a large kitchen extension design offers all this and more. With large kitchen extensions, the primary objective is to optimise space – enabling children to sprawl into the interconnected living area, seamlessly integrating outdoor living spaces, and crafting cosy nooks for relaxation and remote work. Remarkably, achieving this isn’t contingent upon owning a detached home; a thoughtfully curated kitchen extension has the potential to turn any dwelling into an expansive sanctuary of contemporary living.

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Kitchen Extensions With Skylights

A kitchen extension with skylights.

Whether due to building restrictions, the architectural layout of your house, or concerns about privacy, it’s not always feasible to incorporate windows for introducing natural light into your space. This is precisely where skylights and roof lights prove remarkably effective, ushering in ample natural illumination from the sky throughout the changing seasons. By harnessing the power of natural sunlight, skylights and rooflights diminish your dependence on artificial lighting. Similar to windows or glazed doors, skylights inherently amplify the sense of spaciousness and openness within your kitchen extension. Notably, skylights and rooflights hold the potential to make a significant design statement in your kitchen extension, serving as a striking feature while also fulfilling a practical role.

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Velux Windows in Kitchen Extensions

A kitchen extension with Velux windows.

Beyond spatial considerations, the foremost design factor for a kitchen revolves around harnessing natural light. In the UK, a superb design must harmonise luminosity with robust insulation and energy efficiency. This underscores why our house extension design and build team, places paramount importance on integrating Velux windows within kitchen extensions. Notably, Velux windows boast anti-burglary features, reinforced construction, and integrated locks, guaranteeing home security without the need for unsightly window bars or security gates. Mitigating maintenance expenses, a considerable concern for homeowners, Velux windows shine by virtue of their maintenance-free and waterproof attributes. An optimal choice for roof windows and expansive glazing, Velux windows serve as an ideal solution.

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Glass Roof Kitchen Extension Ideas

A kitchen extension with a glass roof.

Modern, sleek, and elegant, it’s difficult to beat the striking effect of a kitchen extension with a glass roof. This design brings in the most natural light, flooding dark corners, bringing in a warm glow even on dull days, and minimising the need for artificial lighting. With a glass extension, you create almost-invisible walls between indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing your garden and natural surroundings into your living space while keeping the elements at bay.

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Bungalow Kitchen Extensions

A bungalow kitchen extension in London.

Using thoughtful bungalow extension designs, homeowners can entirely transform these humble properties, reinventing the floor plan, creating the large living spaces needed for modern family life, and adding considerable property value in the process. Every bungalow kitchen extension design needs to be based on what you want from your home; from the current lifestyle you lead to the future you’re planning for. A design specialist can help you develop the perfect style for your kitchen extension, but there is one important consideration for you to think about before you start with the details. This is about whether your extension will be seamless or deliberately different.

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Bifold Doors for Kitchen Extensions

A kitchen extension with bi-fold doors.

Bifold doors, which are made of stackable panels that fold up against a wall, are one of the most sought-after features in kitchen extensions. Unlike sliding doors and traditional doors, bifold doors concertina the panels together to allow you to open up the full width of your extension, essentially taking the place of the rear wall. They also take up much less space this way and are easier to move, so you don’t have to worry about creating space for a conventional door leaf to swing, worrying about wind and the weight of a door, or even positioning your furniture to be out of the flow of traffic. Sturdy, practical, and easy to use, bifold doors are a functional way of opening a space out into the garden, creating a floor-to-ceiling opening almost the full width of your rear wall. 

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Conservatory Kitchen Extension Ideas

A conservatory kitchen extension in London.

Homeowners interested in a kitchen extension are usually looking to maximise space. This opens up a world of opportunities, allowing them to bring in natural light, make spaces multifunctional and turn their kitchen into a place people want to gather. It is for this reason that conservatory-style kitchen extensions are one of the most popular home improvement projects. With the kitchen playing such a central role in the home, any improvements must be subject to careful consideration, in terms of both style and practicality. You’ll want to consider the purpose of the kitchen. Do you want a show-stopping space for entertaining guests, a comfortable living area for the family, or perhaps a secluded nook for reading in the sunshine? All of these things will affect the layout and positioning of the final design.

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Open-Plan Kitchen Extension Ideas

An open-plan kitchen extension in London.

For homeowners opting for an extension, open-plan kitchens are a popular choice and for good reason. When done well, they deliver the perfect combination of style and functionality. An open-plan kitchen extension offers additional storage, enhanced natural lighting and many other benefits. If you feel limited by your current kitchen layout, an open-plan extension enables you to redefine your living space in a way that best suits your needs.

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Kitchen Extension Roof Design Ideas

A kitchen extension with a crown a crown roof.

And whilst there are many aspects to consider when embarking on a kitchen extension, the design of the roof is one of the most important. Considered a more contemporary choice, a flat roof creates a modern, linear space. When installed with skylights, a flat roof helps to evoke a sleek style with clean lines. If you prefer a more traditional take on home design, a pitched roof might be more appropriate. Valued for their versatility, pitched roofs allow for higher ceilings and greater insulation, helping you to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen extension. Typically seen on churches, cathedrals, and suburban houses, hip roofs slope downwards from the peak on all four sides, with no flat end. The walls beneath are all the same height which creates a perfect, symmetrical appearance. They are durable and highly efficient against high winds.

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Glass Kitchen Extension Ideas

A glass kitchen extension in London.

Glass kitchen extensions are growing in popularity, both for their innovative modern design as well as a range of practical benefits. For instance, not only do they welcome more natural light into the home but they can help you create a wonderful entertaining space. They prove to be particularly popular in the summer months, offering a seamless transition from indoor to outdoors – perfect for hosting barbecues and dinner parties. A glass kitchen extension is an exciting project for any homeowner, and with so many design options to choose from, the options are limitless. You can stretch beyond simple patio doors to create a unique feel to suit your style. From country-inspired to a minimal Nordic vibe, there is a design for everyone’s taste. 

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