The kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where we gather to cook, share a meal, and socialise. As one of the most frequented rooms in a house, it holds a special value. That’s why many opt to improve it with a bespoke kitchen extension. 

And whilst there are many aspects to consider when embarking on a kitchen extension, the design of the roof is one of the most important. In this post, we’ll explain why by outlining the different types of kitchen extension roof designs and what they offer, before delving into some of our past projects.  

What is a flat roof?

Considered a more contemporary choice, a flat roof creates a modern, linear space. When installed with skylights, a flat roof helps to evoke a sleek style with clean lines. An alternative is to use a roof lantern, which provides a point of interest whilst ushering in light from different angles. 

What is a pitched roof?

If you prefer a more traditional take on home design, a pitched roof might be more appropriate. Valued for their versatility, pitched roofs allow for higher ceilings and greater insulation, helping you to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen extension. They can even be easier to maintain than other roof types, owing to the fact that they deflect rain and winds, and are less liable to holding pools of water. 

What are hip and gable roofs?

Typically seen on churches, cathedrals, and suburban houses, hip roofs slope downwards from the peak on all four sides, with no flat end. The walls beneath are all the same height which creates a perfect, symmetrical appearance. They are durable and highly efficient against high winds.

Gable roofs are the traditional take on the classic American-style home. They provide an airy feel, allowing you to outfit the space with vents, which reduces humidity and improves circulation in the room. They also offer a larger interior space, allowing you to expand the functional area within your extension. 

What is a crown roof?

Crown roofs are essentially a combination of flat and pitched roofs. They’re used to overcome certain design difficulties, such as managing a lower boundary height whilst maximising interior space. Despite being more complex than other types, crown roofs often represent a simple, elegant solution to complex problems. 

Design inspiration

Creating excellent design concepts is only one part of our job at Plus Rooms; we envision innovative style and make ideas a reality. Here are some of our previous projects using a variety of different roof styles.

A pitched roof for a side return

For this Haringey home, we removed the existing extension, created a timber-framed pitched roof, extending the kitchen into the side return. By making an opening in the rear wall, we put in bespoke, large windows and stylish sliding doors to allow for as much natural light to fill the space as possible.

A gable roof filled with skylights

Using the traditional gable style roof, we gave this classic Isleworth home a sleek, modern makeover. The gable roof gives a sense of space and huge skylights flood the kitchen with light, while grand sliding doors and continuous flooring from inside to out connect the interior space with the outdoors.

A modern flat roof design

Our aim for this Streatham home was to extend the kitchen towards the rear garden to create a bright open-plan kitchen area. The modern flat roof design perfectly complements the trendy Crittall-style doors, while frameless skylights allow the light to flow into the new space.

A crown roof design

Changing the ground floor area’s entire layout created a great multi-functional space for this family in Strawberry Hill. Using a triple pitched crown roof that vaults the internal ceiling, we were able to incorporate skylights that welcome in lots of natural light both from above and in front through the gorgeous sliding doors that connect seamlessly to the outside.

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Feeling inspired?

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