Glass kitchen extensions are growing in popularity, both for their innovative modern design as well as a range of practical benefits. For instance, not only do they welcome more natural light into the home but they can help you create a wonderful entertaining space. They prove to be particularly popular in the summer months, offering a seamless transition from indoor to outdoors – perfect for hosting barbecues and dinner parties.

A glass kitchen extension is an exciting project for any homeowner, and with so many design options to choose from, the options are limitless. You can stretch beyond simple patio doors to create a unique feel to suit your style. From country-inspired to a minimal Nordic vibe, there is a design for everyone’s taste. 

Get ideas for your new glass kitchen extension

At Plus Rooms, we offer innovative, bespoke kitchen extensions to homes across London. As London’s leading design and build company, we have the years of experience to manage your entire project from start to finish. Everything from obtaining planning permission to arranging a temporary kitchen while work is carried out – we’ve thought of all the details. Designed with you in mind, we make sure that your every need—as well as your proposed deadline—is met. All whilst adhering to the highest standards of construction. 

Interested in investing in a glass kitchen extension? Take a look below at some of our standout designs. We’re sure they’ll inspire you as you begin to envision your dream home.

Simplistic meets traditional

We completed this bespoke wraparound kitchen extension for a family in Ealing. This multi-functional space combines the kitchen and dining area with a compelling mix of warm textures and modern simplicity. We added a glass pitched roof, while a seamless continuation of the ceiling and walls floods the space with light, maximising space whilst making the patio feel like part of the room. 

Striking modern design

At Plus Rooms, we welcome any opportunity to push boundaries. Just take a look at this wraparound extension in Fulham. The owners wanted to juxtapose their traditional handmade kitchen with a thoroughly modern design. Therefore, we blended textured wooden flooring with bold lines to accentuate the extension’s clean architectural style. ‘Outside in’ design at its finest. 

A spacious haven 

We pride ourselves on utilising the available space in the most efficient way for each client. We maximised this family’s space by replacing an existing side and rear extension with an elegant wraparound extension. Continuous flooring and sliding doors made room for a stylish kitchen, diner and living area. This family can enjoy the best of both indoors and outdoors with this fantastic new living and entertaining space.

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Bring new light into your home

A glass kitchen extension is a versatile way to bring style, elegance and a spacious feel to any home. With so many design concepts to choose from, you can explore a world of options, imagining new ways that you and your family could benefit from this new space. Homeowners looking for more inspiration can contact the Plus Rooms team for more examples of expertly crafted kitchen extensions.