Modern, sleek, and elegant, it’s difficult to beat the striking effect of a kitchen extension with a glass roof. At Plus Rooms, we’ve designed many different types of glass roof extensions for London homes, working with our client’s vision, our expertise, and the character of the property to create a bespoke result. Here’s a useful guide to inspire your home’s light-filled new look.

Benefits of a Kitchen with a Glass Roof

  • Light – This design brings in the most natural light, flooding dark corners, bringing in a warm glow even on dull days, and minimising the need for artificial lighting. It also looks incredible at night with the moon and starlight filtering into your space.
  • Open connection with the outdoors – With a glass extension you create almost-invisible walls between indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing your garden and natural surroundings into your living space while keeping the elements at bay. It’s the best combination of indoor-outdoor living for the UK.
  • Modern, elegant aesthetics – The design team at Plus Rooms works to make sure every functional and design element of your extension is perfected to create a superbly slick and contemporary result. Our glass extensions are not one-size-fits-all; they’re an extension of your architectural vision, adding significant appeal to your property.

What to Consider in Your Glass Roof Extension Design

When designing your glass roof kitchen extension, it’s important to take into consideration a few factors besides the aesthetic look of the project. This includes:

  • Heat loss – While we do use high performing double glazed units, this will still require more use of central heating during the colder months in the year than a more moderately glazed alternative.
  • Positioning – A glass roof extension isn’t generally recommended for South-facing projects. Instead, we would suggest some more moderate glass alternatives like this project we completed in Shawbury Road, which delivers plenty of natural light and openness without overexposing your kitchen and living space.

Types of Glass Roof Kitchen Extensions

To work with key aspects of your property and project, we offer several different types of glass roof kitchen extensions that are then customised to your project. Here are three inspirational projects to show you how they work.

Bold Industrial Appeal in Crawthew Grove 

Glass roof extension in Crawthew Grove, London

In this Crawthew Grove wraparound extension, it was decided that a glass roof with internal aluminium bars was the perfect fit. Here, the industrial structure of the partial glass roof compliments the exposed steel beam and Crittal-style glazing to bring warmth and natural light into a previously dark and pokey kitchen space.

Contemporary in Clapham, With a Sleek Glass Roof Kitchen Extension

Glass roof extension in Clapham, London

Modern glass roof kitchen extensions don’t need to remind you of your grandmother’s conservatory, as this sleek, contemporary glass roof in this Clapham home shows. With minimalist glass fins to the rear and combined structural silicone joints to the side return, the roof is supported without the need for UPVC or aluminium frames, creating a more seamless and artistic contemporary feel. This enhances the bespoke lighting, turning a functional portal for natural light during the day into an art piece at night.

Please note, when the glass roof span is over 1.5m width then silicon joints on their own are not sufficient support, the glass roof will require the additional support of either the aluminium bar or the glass fin. 

Outdoor Living Indoors in Wandsworth Bridge Road

Glass roof extension in Richmond Upon Thames London.

This Richmond Upon Thames home takes the concept of indoor-outdoor living to its most extreme and most striking with a modern take on glass roof extensions. This extension wraps around the entire home, creating a fully glass rear and side return extension with solid walls on the two side walls alone. The glass is held in place by an industrial steel structural frame and contains two large glass central doors, creating strong, clean lines that add a modern yet complementary wow-factor to this traditional home.

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Successfully transforming a property takes a combination of thoughtful design and expert construction, ensuring that the finished result is exceptional as well as practical, and durable. As a full-service team, Plus Rooms has designed and delivered over 1,400 home extensions across London, including exceptional quality glass roof kitchen extensions. To find out more about what we do and how our bespoke services can deliver the home your family deserves, contact us today.