A hipped roof extension is an elegant and functional way of adding upstairs space to your home. It’s commonly used for creating new bedrooms and bathrooms, but it can also be used to create a guest room or home office space. Here are some design ideas and construction considerations from London-based residential construction specialists Plus Rooms.

What is a Hipped Roof Extension?

In construction, the sloping roof of a house without vertical slides or gables is called a hipped roof. Because of the unused space under these roofs, many homeowners choose to extend the living space upwards by creating spacious loft rooms. That’s why these extensions are called hipped roof extensions.

These conversions are a very attractive and popular option despite them taking a lot of labour and being more expensive than less complex projects. This is because of how they transform the use of your property and expand your space without impinging on the garden. By creating new rooms, these extensions add considerable value to homes, especially in areas where space is at a premium.

Hip roof extensions often don’t require much – if any – planning permission, unlike other types of extensions, and many projects are covered under permitted development (PD). Of course, it is always advisable to check with your local planning authority for any restrictions and to work with a construction partner who will ensure your extension is fully compliant with restrictions and building regulations.

What to Consider While Planning Your Hip Roof Extension Design

In addition to cost and building regulations, it is worthwhile considering:

  • The height of the space – If the head height of the existing space is low, it may not be worth building. In some spaces, if the pitch is very low, building regulations will not allow the extension to take place.
  • Access to the loft – You will need to ensure easy access to the new space in the form of a full staircase, which may impact the layout of the floor below and the loft itself. You will have to be compliant with regulations that determine whether a staircase is safe and sufficient.
  • Use of the new space – There are many reasons to build a loft space, but the most important is that it will be a useful part of the home. For example, if you are building a guest suite for your older parents, it may not be worthwhile if they won’t be able to comfortably use the stairs. It might be better to put the children’s rooms in the loft or create a master suite instead.

Hip Roof Extension Ideas to Inspire You

1. Victorian Conversion in Herne Hill

This extension truly shows the full potential for conversion in Victorian terrace homes. By adding a rear wing dormer and dormer over the main frame, this extension creates a headspace of 2m in a beautiful master suite that overlooks the London skyline. This effectively creates an escape from the hustle and bustle of the home; a modern, glazed bedroom, bathroom and dressing space with the feel of a high-end hotel.

Kitchen Extension and Loft Conversion Lime Grove

2. Bungalow Transformation in Richmond

Even in more modern bungalow-style homes where rooms are more spacious, adding a hip roof extension can utterly transform the look and value of a property. This single storey home in Richmond was taken from its rather modest size and redesigned into an open and spacious family home. The loft extension includes a light-filled landing, two generous bedrooms, and a shared shower room, expanding the square meterage of the home across the entire width of the house and creating a comfortable 2.0-2.3 headspace.

Kitchen Extension Bradley Gardens

3. Simple, Clean Lines in Ealing

This Ealing hipped roof extension expands the home outward using a double flat-roofed dormer to slot in against the existing pitched roof. This created a glamorous and modern extension that worked with the required planning permissions and permitted development regulations that Plus Rooms secured. This is a very sleek example of a hipped extension, using hidden guttering and aluminium trim so as not to distract from the large, structural glass panels.

4. Escape to a Luxury Master Suite in East Dulwich

Loft extensions are a way to escape into the sky and harness the views, freedom, and spaciousness that this high life provides. This hipped roof extension does just that – and more. Tucked away between two pitched roofs appears a double dormer framed by large panel glazing, looking out over the roofs to the stars. This generous space includes a large, spa-like bathroom and a spacious master bedroom and dressing area, creating an addition filled with luxury, exclusivity, and creative design. 

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Plus Rooms – Specialists to Design, Guide and Construct Bespoke Hipped Roof Extensions

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We’re here to help you make your home work for you and your family, adding value to your investment and creating a space for the lifestyle you deserve. Over the last 17 years, we have completed more than 1,400 projects in the London area. Contact us for more information about hipped roof house extension designs or get in touch with our team to see how we can transform your home.