CREATING A FAMILY HUB.? When Mike Treherne and his partner Fiona decided to add a side return with a pitched roof and large skylight onto their Victorian terrace home, they created something beautiful. The new addition included a larger front reception room, a utility and coat area and spacious kitchen featuring a contemporary structural glass window seat overlooking the garden.

Mike explains: ?We wanted a more spacious family and entertaining area. It wasn?t something we particularly aspired to, but it did have the advantage of enabling us to personalise the space. We?d already lived here for a while and, like many people, wanted to enhance our home. ?The previous room was quite dark, so we wanted to get as much natural light as possible in ? the glass roof was a great way to achieve this.? The extension into the side return needed to maximise the amount of light coming into the space and the glass roof was a great way to achieve this. The glass roof is constructed using multiple panes of glass that are bonded together with structural silicone joints, therefore, avoiding the need for any bulky framework. Another stunning feature on this project is a glass box which is cantilevered off the back of the new extension, meaning it takes no support from the ground externally. Much like the glass roof, the glass has been bonded together using structural silicone which avoids the need for any aluminium framework and maximises the glazed area. It works beautifully as a window seat and really connects the internal space with the garden. It is also an interesting alternative to full-width bi-fold or sliding doors.

Urban Sanctuary

Mike continues: ?The look and layout of this project was a combination of ideas from Plus Rooms? designers and our friend who is an architect. Gaining planning permission was quick ? only seven weeks.? The build proved to be a little more challenging though, as Mike explains: ?We had an issue routing the rainwater runoff back through the house to the drain at the front, which related to unusual drainage and floor levels in our property. Plus Rooms worked with building control to find a suitable compromise that involved diverting the guttering with no need for an expensive pumping system. ?We left the building material specification to Plus Rooms, however, we sourced all the interior materials via an interior designer friend and we are delighted with the results. ?It took two months for the build to complete, and another three months for the fittings to be finished ? in fitting with the estimated timeline, and we remained more or less within budget.

?We used matching brickwork and roof tiles in keeping with the existing property but it has been completed with modern, clean details, like the structural glass box and skylight, which has very delicate framework. ?The finished space is everything we hoped for. It?s a fantastic living space, flooded with natural light, and is very much the hub of family activity. We absolutely love the box window ? it?s a design feature that really worked for us. It?s a lovely place to sit and look into the garden, and gives the room a distinctive feature. Our favourite room is the kitchen, but we also really like having a separate laundry room now. ?There?s nothing we would have done differently, we are very happy with everything just as it is. We would definitely do the whole thing again.?