When the weather is beautiful, it’s natural to want to take activities like dining, lounging, and even cooking outside into the garden. And that’s exactly why indoor-outdoor living spaces have become a huge home design trend in recent years. Here, we’ll look at the benefits of indoor-outdoor living and how to bring this into your home’s design.

The Benefits of Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

So, why do homeowners around the UK and the world love indoor-outdoor spaces so much?

More natural light – By using large-scale glazed sliding doors or glazed folding doors, you bring much more natural sunlight into your space than using windows – even when these doors are closed. In this East Dulwich home, the kitchen, dining and entertainment space is flooded with natural light from the glazed bifold doors.

Indoor-outdoor living space in East Dulwich London

Easier entertaining – You can quickly and simply expand your entertaining space with an indoor-outdoor lounge or dining area, often doubling the floor space if you have a good-sized patio. This is especially effective if you have a deck or outdoor flooring that is level with your indoor space, creating the perfect flow. You can host more guests, have more breathing and seating space, and keep the conversation and music flowing. In this Saint John’s project, you can see how the lounge and entertaining area is made considerably bigger by opening up two sides of the extension.

Indoor-outdoor living space in Saint John's London

More living space – Space is a premium in homes, and adding an indoor-outdoor space instantly increases usable square meterage in your home. You can all be together without being under each other’s feet, enjoying different activities in your own space. This is especially useful if you have children playing outdoors while you cook or catch up on a good book. You can see this in action in our Kew home extension project, where indoor-outdoor living has created a space for the whole family.

Indoor-outdoor living space in Kew London

Stay in touch with nature – Nature is beneficial to our mental and physical well-being, and these spaces bring nature indoors so you can enjoy it more. From soft breezes and natural sunlight to better views of your garden, your home and lifestyle are enhanced with nature’s touches. In this Stoke Newington home, the kitchen and dining space are effortlessly linked to the garden, with the trees and natural beauty becoming an integral part of daily life.

Indoor-outdoor living space in Stoke Newington London

Increased property value – Because it’s such a significant housing design trend, indoor-outdoor living spaces are high on the must-have list for home buyers. With more living and entertaining space, your home naturally increases in value. In this East Dulwich project, you can see how much more usable space is achieved in this compact terrace home, which buyers are going to love.

Indoor-outdoor kitchen extension in East Dulwich.

Which Indoor-Outdoor Living Space Ideas Are Best for You?

Indoor-outdoor living spaces can be as simple or creative as you want, making them a very versatile addition to your home. Here are some ideas to see what would suit your lifestyle and property.

Indoor-outdoor entertainment space – If you love having friends and family over, then this is a great choice. A wide patio for an outside seating or dining area, good lighting and even a sound and TV system can create the entertainment space of your dreams. This Clapham home extension shows just how exciting an outdoor entertainment space can be.

Indoor-outdoor living space in Clapham London

Indoor-outdoor kitchen – This has become a big trend in the USA, and it’s catching on in the UK even though our weather isn’t quite as cooperative. An outdoor kitchen can be a simple patio with a built-in barbeque or a full bar and kitchen space with seating, lighting, and sound system. If you want to cook outdoors more often, a patio roof will give you all the shelter you need. In this East Dulwich home, a simple indoor-outdoor kitchen and seating area make for the perfect place to spend a summer day.

Indoor-outdoor kitchen in East Dulwich

Indoor-outdoor lounge and relaxation space – Reading a good book or relaxing with friends is even better when you’re outdoors. We recommend a covered patio to make it useful through the seasons, complete with a fire pit or heating, comfortable seating, side tables, plants, and even a small bar. This Crawthew Grove home extension creates a space filled with nature and designed for relaxation, with outdoor soft furnishings and a cosy atmosphere.

Indoor-outdoor lounge and relaxation space in Crawthew Grove London.

Essential Design Features for Your Indoor-Outdoor Area

When designing your indoor-outdoor living area, every project should be bespoke – but there are some critical ground rules to follow.

  • Level indoor to outdoor flooring – That all-important seamless flow is achieved by having your indoor and outdoor flooring at the same level, instantly making the separate spaces into one. It also avoids any tripping hazards. While these floors don’t have to be the same material, the design is further enhanced if they do match.
  • Go big with openings – Windows and small sliding doors just won’t deliver the full benefits of an indoor-outdoor space. You want the spaces to feel connected, so it’s important to have wide, floor-to-ceiling openings onto your outdoor space. Bifold doors give the most expansive result, but large-scale sliding doors and multiple French doors can deliver a similar effect.
  • Connect your décor – Consistency with your interior and exterior design will also help bring the spaces together. If you have a modern, minimalist interior bring the same colours, styles, and materials into your outdoor living area. Similarly, if you have a more boho or country chic look, you can bring this into your outdoor space with furnishings, flooring, and patterns.

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