In recent years, industrial style kitchens have emerged as a popular choice for homeowners seeking a contemporary yet raw aesthetic. Characterised by its rugged appeal, exposed materials, and utilitarian elements, industrial kitchens offer a unique blend of functionality and charm. Let’s explore various kitchen design ideas to help you craft the perfect industrial-style kitchen, drawing inspiration from projects showcased by Plus Rooms, the leading design and build company in the UK.

What is an Industrial Kitchen?

An industrial style kitchen draws inspiration from the design elements typically found in factories, warehouses, and other industrial spaces. It embraces the raw, utilitarian aesthetic of these environments while incorporating modern amenities and sleek finishes. Key features of industrial kitchens include exposed materials such as brick, concrete, and metal, as well as functional elements like open shelving, industrial lighting fixtures, and stainless steel appliances.

Benefits of Industrial Kitchen Designs

One of the primary benefits of an industrial style kitchen is its durability and practicality. The industrial design prioritises sturdy materials and streamlined layouts, making it well-suited for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Materials such as concrete and metal are not only visually striking but also highly resilient, standing up to the rigours of daily use and providing long-lasting durability.

Additionally, industrial kitchens offer ample storage and workspace, thanks to their emphasis on functional design. Open shelving and expansive countertops provide plenty of room for storing and preparing food, while tall cabinets and built-in storage solutions maximise organisation and efficiency. This abundance of storage options helps to keep the kitchen clutter-free and facilitates easy access to cooking essentials.

Another benefit of industrial style kitchens is their versatility and adaptability to different design aesthetics. While industrial design is often associated with a rugged, urban look, it can be tailored to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic or a more eclectic, vintage-inspired vibe, industrial elements can be incorporated into your kitchen design to create a space that reflects your personal style.

Furthermore, industrial kitchens are known for their timeless appeal and enduring popularity. Unlike trend-driven design styles that may quickly fall out of fashion, industrial design has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice for homeowners and designers alike. Its clean lines, raw materials, and understated elegance lend themselves well to both modern and traditional interiors, ensuring that your industrial style kitchen will remain stylish and relevant for years to come.

Incorporating Industrial Elements into Your Kitchen Design

An industrial style kitchen combines rugged charm with modern sophistication, creating a space that is both functional and visually striking. With its emphasis on durability, practicality, and versatility, an industrial kitchen is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a timeless and stylish design aesthetic that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re renovating your existing kitchen or designing a new space from scratch, consider incorporating industrial elements to create a kitchen that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Play With Height

A kitchen extension with crittall-style steel doors.

Industrial kitchens often feature high ceilings and expansive windows, which contribute to an airy and spacious feel. Embrace the vertical space by installing tall cabinets or open shelving units to maximise storage and display opportunities. Another good idea is to include Crittall-style industrial steel doors, like in this Forest Hill kitchen extension, for additional impact as well as plenty of natural light. This verticality adds drama to the room and draws the eye upward, creating a sense of grandeur.

Make the Most of Concrete

An industrial style kitchen with polished concrete floors.

Concrete is a quintessential element of industrial design, prised for its durability and industrial-chic aesthetic. Consider incorporating concrete countertops, floors, or accent walls to infuse your kitchen with an urban edge. Concrete floors add impact and durability, and you can choose polished concrete or concrete tiles to get this look. The raw, unfinished texture of concrete adds character to the space and serves as a versatile backdrop for other design elements. If you don’t like concrete, natural stone, like in this Clyde Road kitchen extension, is the ideal alternative!

Use Pendant Lights

An industrial style kitchen with pendant lights.

Pendant lights are a stylish and practical addition to any industrial style kitchen. Choose sleek metal fixtures with exposed bulbs to complement the rugged aesthetic of the space, like in this Braemar Ave kitchen extension. Alternatively, add a touch of artistry or glamour with a chic pendant light like this that adds contrast to the space. Hang them above the kitchen island or dining area to provide task lighting and create a focal point within the room.

Strip It Back With Open Shelving

An industrial style kitchen with open shelving.

Open shelving is a hallmark of industrial design, allowing for easy access to kitchen essentials while showcasing decorative items. Replace traditional upper cabinets with floating shelves made from reclaimed wood or metal brackets for a modern, industrial look. Display your favourite dishes, glassware, and cookbooks to add personality and visual interest to the space, like in this Leppoc Road kitchen extension.

Layer Shades of Black and Grey

An industrial style kitchen with black and grey colour scheme.

Black and grey are staple colours in industrial design, evoking a sense of sophistication and timelessness, like in this Louisville Road home. Layering different shades of black and grey throughout the kitchen creates depth, drama, and dimension, while maintaining a cohesive and harmonious colour scheme. Mix matte and glossy finishes for added visual contrast and incorporate metallic accents like stainless steel or brushed nickel, like in this Salisbury Road kitchen extension for a touch of glamour.

Contrast Dark and Light Tones

To achieve the quintessential industrial look, consider incorporating a mix of dark and light tones into your kitchen design. Contrast is key in creating visual interest, so pair dark cabinetry with light countertops or vice versa. This interplay of colours adds depth and dimension to the space, while maintaining a cohesive and balanced aesthetic.

Use Warm-Toned Woods

Incorporating warm-toned woods such as reclaimed oak or walnut can soften the industrial aesthetic and add a touch of warmth to the space. Consider using wooden accents for shelving, countertops, or flooring to introduce natural textures and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Add Ornaments for Personality

Personalise your industrial kitchen with curated decor and accessories that reflect your unique style. Vintage signs, industrial-inspired artwork, and eclectic knick-knacks can add personality and charm to the space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures and finishes to create a dynamic and visually engaging environment.

Be Bold With the Use of Colour

While industrial kitchens typically feature a neutral colour palette, don’t shy away from incorporating pops of colour to liven up the space. Consider adding vibrant accents such as teal or mustard yellow through accessories like bar stools, dishware, or decorative objects. These unexpected splashes of colour can inject energy and personality into the room without overwhelming the industrial aesthetic.

Get Playful With Textures

Texture plays a crucial role in industrial design, adding visual interest and tactile appeal to the space. Experiment with a variety of materials such as rough-hewn wood, distressed metal, and tactile fabrics to create a rich and layered look. Incorporate texture through textiles like rugs, curtains, and upholstery, as well as through architectural elements like exposed brick walls and rough concrete surfaces.

In conclusion, designing an industrial style kitchen offers endless opportunities for creativity and expression. By embracing the rugged charm of raw materials, sleek finishes, and utilitarian elements, you can create a space that is both functional and visually striking. 

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