In modern homes, a kitchen is so much more than a space for cooking. It’s where we watch our kids do their homework or play outdoors, it’s where we enjoy our hobbies, and where we entertain friends and loved ones. And when you have the luxury of space to expand your home, a large kitchen extension design delivers all that and so much more.

When it comes to these extensions, maximising space is the ultimate goal – letting kids spread out into the living area, bringing in outdoor living spaces, and creating nooks where you can relax and work at home. And you don’t always have to have a detached home to achieve this. A talented kitchen and extension design team can work with you to redesign the flow of your ground floor, remove outdated conservatories and outbuildings, and make your space open and multifunctional through the latest construction innovations.

Let’s look at a few of our large kitchen extension projects to see how we’ve achieved this for clients in the past – and to inspire you to create a home you can truly grow into.

Large Kitchen Extension in Barnet London

Space for Everything and Everything in its Space in Barnet

Thanks to a wraparound extension, this large kitchen extension in Barnet created the space and storage that every family dreams of. In addition to a new kitchen and dining area complete with a relaxing lounge space, the extension was also able to incorporate a practical cloakroom area, utility space, fridge space, and WC. Convenient and a joy to live in, it’s perfect for a growing family to spread out and enjoy.

Large kitchen extension Forest Hill London

Redesigning for Flow in Forest Hill

Here, this Forest Hill kitchen rear extension involved reimagining the entire ground floor of the terraced home – showing that large kitchen extensions aren’t just for detached properties. By removing the old conservatory, converting the old kitchen into a hallway and utility space, and pushing out into the rear garden, the house is perfectly suited to modern family life. Now with a spacious home office, a kitchen-diner that flows the full length of the back property, and a cosy sitting room, this home has a wonderful new lease on life.

Large kitchen extension in Elmbridge London

An Elegant Space for the Whole Family in Elmbridge

This Elmbridge home kitchen extension is one of the biggest projects we’ve designed and delivered, creating a 13m wide by 6.3m deep flat roof extension with several sets of floor-to-ceiling sliding doors to open out into the garden and outdoor entertaining space. This detached home realised its full potential through this large kitchen extension that contains a bespoke kitchen with an island dining space, a full-size lounge with an entertainment system, and an elegant and secluded formal dining space set against the garden backdrop. Here, every member of the family can relax, play, and entertain together.

Large kitchen extension in Lambeth London

Multiuse Magic in Lambeth

In this large kitchen extension in Lambeth, you can see how an extension to the hub of the home creates space for different areas of your life. Although it is open plan, the rear extension of this detached home is clearly zoned to designate spaces for different activities while staying a part of a single space. With areas that can be used as a home office, sitting area, dining area, or cooking, everyone has the space to do what they want, when they want. And the best thing about it is that the big sliding doors allow every zone to flow out into the garden space and get plenty of light.

Large kitchen extension in Elmbridge London

Space, Space, and More Space in Elmbridge

If there’s one thing that London homeowners will agree on, it’s that you can’t have enough space. This Elmbridge kitchen extension shows how creating a 4.86m by 12m full-width ground floor can transform a house into a dream home. This large kitchen extension allowed the ground floor to be redesigned entirely, creating space that a family can grow into with ease. The large kitchen is brimming with storage and the elegant island creates a family-friendly casual dining area. This complements the roomy formal dining space that opens out into the garden thanks to ultra-wide sliding doors that run the length of the rear extension. 

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Let London’s Kitchen Design and Construction Specialists Create Your Dream Home

Tastefully extending a home is no easy task, and it requires plenty of inspiration and knowledge from your construction and design team. That’s where we will lead you through the process from start to finish, helping you get the best floorplan, features, and quality for your budget. Whether you want a home for entertaining, for family living, or for your own enjoyment and investment purposes, we’re here to make that dream come true. In over 17 years we’ve helped over 1,400 homeowners transform their houses through small and large kitchen extension designs – contact us to see what we can do for you.