Kitchens are constantly evolving, not just in how they look but also in how they are used. In the past, the kitchen was hidden away, with the wealthiest homeowners leaving the space to staff and hardly setting foot in them.

Now, kitchens are the heart of the home, designed as much for cooking and running the household as for family gatherings and entertaining guests. And we have to say, this is the way we like it. So, with that in mind, let’s look at the best features and must-haves for a modern kitchen design.

What Should a Modern Kitchen Have?

Ultimately, every contemporary kitchen design should be unique, reflecting your lifestyle and creative tastes. However, there are a few things that are considered essential for a modern kitchen:

Frameless cabinetry – The door of the cupboard should overlay the frame, eliminating gaps between cupboards to create a flush surface for your cabinetry.

Frameless cabinetry in a London kitchen extension done by the Plus Rooms design and build company.

Minimalist hardware – Strip hardware down to the essentials to create a sleek, clean look. Simple, elegant taps with clean lines and no flourishes are best (think function first), and you can do away with handles completely with push-release drawers and cupboards.

Minimalist hardware in a London kitchen extension done by the Plus Rooms design and build company.

Natural materials and simple patterns – While your modern kitchen can be a simple white box, it’s not necessary to go to that extreme to get a modern kitchen design. The idea is to make natural, simple textures on a key surface pop against a clean background. Think solid wood grain against white walls, or large grain marble against matt plain cupboards.

Natural materials and simple patterns in a London kitchen extension done by the Plus Rooms design and build company.

Sleek appliances – Quiet, energy efficient, and stylish, they have it all.

Double-bowl or large sinks – Adding a butler sink or undercounter stainless steel sink that’s a statement piece.

Kitchen Styles That Are Trending

Trends are a great source of inspiration for modern kitchen design ideas, and they can help a contemporary space develop a character of its own. Some of the biggest kitchen trends for 2023 include:

Pops of colour – Modern kitchen design is usually associated with neutrals, and these greys, whites, and pale browns are still a big part of the style. However, in 2023, we’ll start seeing bold colour accenting the space. This is achieved with accessories (for easy swap out), colourful taps or handles, or an eye-catching kitchen island. Royal blue, forest and mint green, cherry reds, and mellow yellow add energy to the space.

Bold colour use in a London kitchen extension done by the Plus Rooms design and build company.

Hidden pantries – Eliminating clutter is a big trend, and hidden pantries put all your everyday items out of sight. The best versions of these are floor-to-ceiling cupboards that pull out (rather than having a door that opens). Items are easier to reach and when it’s not in use the kitchen instantly looks tidy.

Curves – Recently, we’ve seen a lot of curves come into kitchen design creating a retro but contemporary feel. This is trending with kitchen islands in particular, where the curved shape creates a social space with easy traffic flow, and mimics elegant, curved dining tables.

Kitchen Tiles for Modern Kitchen Designs

Kitchen tiles are a personal preference, but when you’re looking for contemporary kitchen design ideas, it’s best to choose the following:

Marble – A large sheet of marble or natural stone is the ultimate luxury when it comes to a tile effect. Choose an option with bold but minimal graining to get a classic but updated look.

The use of marble in a London kitchen extension done by the Plus Rooms design and build company.

Chevron – Like hexagonal tiles, chevrons are a key trend in modern kitchen design. It’s best to choose a fairly narrow tile if you want lots of texture, or a subway tile for a simpler look.

Chevron tiles in a London kitchen extension done by the Plus Rooms design and build company.

Oversized tiles – If you have the wall space, go big with your tiles to minimise grouting, and achieve a bold, simple effect.

Hexagonal tiles – Hexagonal tiles can be large or small, all one colour or a mix of colours. Randomising colours or textures is a big trend right now, but don’t go for more than two options as this will make them look very busy.

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Enlarge Your Space With a Kitchen Extension

Most homes in the UK have poor kitchen placement, often being quite small, narrow spaces at the back of the home. But don’t let that stop you from getting the modern kitchen design of your dreams. With the right design and build company, your kitchen can be the spacious, social space you and your family deserve.

At Plus Rooms, a leading design and build company in London, we’ve worked on over 1,400 freestanding homes, terrace homes, and other residential properties to deliver bespoke kitchen extensions. Our side, side and rear, and wraparound kitchen extensions are designed to make the best use of your space, from transforming unused space into valuable living space to reinventing the flow of your entire ground floor. We will lead you through the process from start to finish, helping you get the best floor plan, features, and quality for your budget whether your project is large or small. Contact us today to start the journey to your dream home.