For homeowners opting for an extension, open plan kitchens are a popular choice and for good reason. When done well, they deliver the perfect combination of style and functionality.

An open plan kitchen extension offers additional storage, enhanced natural lighting and many other benefits. If you feel limited by your current kitchen layout, an open plan extension enables you to redefine your living space in a way that best suits your needs. Take a look below at some of the possibilities for an open plan kitchen extension that’s both captivating and convenient.

Ultra-modern and innovative

This flat roof kitchen extension in Wandsworth is a luxurious living space that opens up to an expansive courtyard, perfect for entertaining guests. For the overall look, our client wanted a contemporary aesthetic. One of the highlights of this particular project is without a doubt the glass roof, supported with eye-catching streamlined fins. Finally, the minimal decor is brought to life with stylish purple lighting that’s vibrant without being too overpowering.

Spacious and highly practical

When tasked with designing this wraparound extension in Bromley, our brief was to create a space that was ideal for families. We decided to retain some of the home’s original character with exposed brickwork and a herringbone floor, keeping things relaxed with a few fun pops of colour. Finally, we wanted to let as much light in as possible, so our client opted for skylights and large sliding doors.

Breezy and minimal

For this Southwark wraparound extension, our focus was on capturing that light and airy feel that many people look for in an open plan extension. This informed virtually every element of the design, from the clean lines and decor to the large and frameless skylights. However, the standout element of this design is the fully glazed back wall, which includes bi-folding doors and a fixed glass panel.


The owners of this house in Chiswick had a smaller garden, and wanted a space that flowed seamlessly between the interior and exterior. We extended the kitchen out into the rear reception room, installed skylights and kept a predominantly white colour scheme. The end result is a calming kitchen, living and dining area with a beautiful view of the garden and all the space they could need.

Open up your home to new possibilities

Plus Rooms is London’s leading design and build company, with years of experience in kitchen extensions and loft conversions. We offer our clients a combination of cutting-edge design, bespoke craftsmanship and expert project management, helping them bring their dream home to life. Our end-to-end service even includes gaining planning permission, so you needn’t worry about regulations or requirements. It’s our job to handle every single step of the process. All you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest.

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