If you want to add height, character, and volume to your home, then a pitched roof extension is exactly what you need. These extensions should be custom-built to your property and specs, and when they’re built correctly, they will add considerable value to your house as well as support the family lifestyle you love. 

Why choose a pitched roof extension?

Home extensions can use a flat roof, a pitched roof, or a combination of the two to great effect. The key to making any of these extensions successful is having a construction and design team that has the experience and expertise to work with your home’s character and your personal vision to create a bespoke, durable result.

Many people prefer pitched roof extensions because they add light and volume to the property without looking boxy or imposing. These extensions also complement a wide range of architectural styles, blending comfortably with historic, Victorian and contemporary buildings with ease or even carrying off a sharply industrial or modern design.

The slope of the pitched roof makes it easy to bring light into the space through the open volume this vaulted ceiling creates, complemented by features like skylights, glazing, and sliding doors. It’s also one of the easiest ways to create space to the side of your house, with the low profile pitched roof extending off an existing flat roof or extension without interfering with neighbouring properties or your roofline. They are very weather-proof, create shelter for the property, and are easy to maintain.

Pitched roof extensions aren’t without their drawbacks, however. Firstly, these benefits do come at a higher cost than a flat roof extension because of the beams, structural elements, and roofing tiles/surface that the project requires. Secondly, they take a bit longer to construct because they are more complex structures.

5 Pitched Roof Extension Ideas to Inspire You

Here are some pitched roof extension ideas to inspire you and show you what’s possible when you partner with experienced design and construction specialists.

Plus Rooms, Kitchen Extension, Leithcote Gdns, London, SW16-11

A Warm Heart of the Home in Wandsworth

Although they are known for creating space and volume, this pitched roof kitchen extension in Wandsworth makes a warm and cosy yet functional space. Complimented by copper fittings and a characterful wooden floor, this extension creates a new heart of the home for the family to enjoy. By extending the kitchen and living space, this home now has a functional kitchen, diner, and lounge area to utilise thanks to a compact yet spacious 3 x 5.5m full-width rear extension that sits seamlessly against the existing home.

Plus Rooms Thornbury Rd Kitchen Extension

Light Floods into Isleworth

If you want to maximise light in your home, then this Isleworth extension is just what you need. With a thoughtful and minimalist approach to the structure and design of the extension, this project pushes glazing to the limit. From ultra-wide sliding doors to glazing the peak of the roof to oversized skylights running the length of the extension, you get every drop of sunlight in the day and sit under the stars at night.

Plus Rooms, Pellatt Road, SE22, Kitchen and Loft extension-14

Space to Breathe, Live and Laugh in East Dulwich

This Southwark home extension allowed the owners to reimagine the flow and function of their downstairs space, reconfiguring it for modern family life. The wrap around pitched roof extension extends to a 6.7m full depth, 5.1m full height, and a 1.9m side return. This creates a generous, family-friendly living and dining space that maximises functionality while bringing the garden indoors through large sliding doors. The natural light is further enhanced by two large skylights over the dining area and kitchen prep space.

Plus Rooms, Kitchen Extension, Shardeloes Road, SE14_-17

Industrial Chic in Saint John’s

While pitched roof extensions are often seen as traditional, this project shows just how well they can be adapted for modern architectural and design styles. Small and simple yet delivering significant impact, this pitched roof kitchen extension extends this home to a 4.3m full depth with a 2.1m side return to deliver a full width across the rear of the home of 5.2m. The timber frame roof creates a beautiful and expansive open kitchen that floods out into the garden. The deep grey walls and industrial fittings are enhanced by a large skylight that runs the width of the side return and a floor-to-ceiling glazed rear entrance, ensuring plenty of natural light meets drama to create an iconic space.

Plus Rooms, Kitchen Extension, Ansdell Rd, SE15-17

The Best of Both Worlds in Nunhead

As this extension in Nunhead shows, broken plan living can be the perfect way to bring old and new together to create a functional family home. The hip or pitched roof kitchen extension wraps around the home’s rear and side return to create a flowing 9.5m deep by 1.9m wide space with a full 4.5m rear width. The addition allowed the team to create a new WC under the stairs, a separate office and lounge, and a large family kitchen/dining space that floods out into the garden. The broken plan creates privacy and distinct zones for different uses without making the space feel cramped or challenging to manage, and the large sliding doors and skylights let in plenty of light into the long space.

Plus Rooms Extension Landelis Road

Sleek and Modern in East Dulwich

Using a combination of flat and pitched roof extensions, this East Dulwich kitchen is transformed into a modern, minimalist, but light-filled space. By demolishing the old extension, this pitched roof kitchen extension wraps around the rear and side of the house to create a functional 6m deep and 1.7m wide extension to increase the rear width of the home to 4.7m. With modern plasterwork, sleek skylights and folding doors, this house extension isn’t traditional – yet it sits perfectly against the original home to create architectural contrast and individual style for this beautiful family home.

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