Bromar Rd SE5


When designing a side return extension, the provision of natural light is an important consideration. On this project we installed a glass roof, which is an excellent way of maximising the amount of natural light entering the extension through the new roof structure. The glass roof is constructed using multiple panes of glass that are bonded together with structural silicone joints, therefore avoiding the need for any bulky framework.

Another stunning feature on this project is a glass box which is cantilevered off the back of the new extension, meaning it takes no support from the ground externally. Much like the glass roof, the glass has been bonded together using structural silicone which avoids the need for any aluminium framework and maximises the glazed area. It works beautifully as a window seat and really connects the internal space with the garden. It is also an interesting alternative to full width bi-fold or sliding doors.

Project Details:
  • Extend into the side return finishing flush with the rear wall
  • Construct a timber framed pitched roof
  • Divide up the rear reception room to accommodate a larger front reception, utility room and WC
  • Remove chimney breasts within the kitchen extension size 6.4m x 1.9m