The process of extending one’s home is a big deal and can be really stressful. It also takes time and money! We spent some time looking around for builders and a strong project management team. We were very impressed by our first consultation with Plus rooms. It was clear that they had been in the business for a good while and had completed some impressive projects locally and around the London area. This reassured us that they had a good vision of how best to use the space and light available to us. From the outset the team were very professional – a real “can do” team, who were always quick and responsive to any queries and concerns we had. The planning and design were streamlined and the time from building approval to start worked very well for us. Plus Rooms have recruited an outstanding team of builders, decorators, plumbers and electricians – each with a strong work ethic and a pride in their work. They liaised with each team and coordinated all work on site, which for our substantial build was not a trivial undertaking. What also impressed us was Plus Room’s flexibility – a willingness to discuss different options, and to refine the work accordingly. We are delighted with the outcome. Thank you Plus Rooms!!