We used Plus Rooms for a side return extension last year and would like to summarise our thoughts. Firstly we’d like to say that in our experience, no project of this nature comes without an element of the unexpected. Things go wrong and things go right – the real measure comes with hindsight after it’s all finished and you get to see what day to day life is like once the space has been transformed. So I write this having given a year to evaluate the overall quality of Plus Rooms’ work at our place. We are very happy. The design phase was enjoyable and matched the end result wonderfully. The planning and party wall aspect ran smoothly (not a given!). The builder was efficient and did a fantastic job matching the old brick with the new, which makes such a difference at the end. Any extras that occurred due to surprises were explained concisely and sympathetically (the old waste pipe had to be repaired and foundations dug where there were none). There were definite issues along the way including some sub contractors who behaved incredibly poorly but that is where one of the real advantages of working with a firm like Plus Rooms makes itself known. We were always protected, insulated from situations where sub contractors workmanship or demeanour fell below par. It can and will happen but having the Plus Rooms project manager there when we hit a rough patch was a tremendous relief. They listened and made sure our concerns were heeded every time. We are ultimately enormously happy with it all and cannot recommend using Plus Rooms more highly.