A- for Plus Rooms, but we now have the best loft conversion on the street. Job: build a loft bedroom, en suite bathroom in a conservation area & remove chimney breast in spare room to convert to a larger guest double, renovate internal hallway & landings to a high decorative standard. Review: We chose Plus Rooms because we wanted the extra reassurance of using a specialist with a good reputation for quality & a customer care ethos that would deliver a good finish without too much stress. They didn’t disappoint. As with all Victorian terrace loft conversions there are always a few challenges along the way, but all in all The Plus Rooms team were open to ideas or requests to make changes & ultimately proved to excel in finding solutions when problems arose. The project resource & communication whilst not perfect was of a very high standard & meant that the different trades involved were kept focused on the job and the next task. Word of advise; make sure you have a good idea of what you want to do with the internal space before the build starts & keep an eye on the detail throughout, so you can spot any oversights – there will always be something that get’s missed. Overall I would recommend Plus Rooms, they are price competitive when you deconstruct the quote, and won’t let you down.