We were fortunate that 4 friends of ours had used Plus Rooms for their extension projects and they were all thrilled with the outcome. We loved what we saw and invited Plus Rooms over to quote. It was immediately apparent that we would be going ahead with Plus Rooms.

Our initial idea was developed and then refused planning by our local council. This turns out to have been a blessing in disguise as we were able to downsize the plans a tad and incorporate some slightly quirky design ideas into the extension.

Pricing was adhered to throughout and paid within a simple structure: if a specified phase is completed that is paid for. As a result we were confident throughout that our budget would last the course. We did have a couple of pricing blips due to the predominately clay soil requiring 2300 deep foundation (for which we had been forewarned may be a possibility) and due to OUR decision to increase the height of our 4 sliding doors up to 2600mm: necessary and ideal both.

From the outset we were really impressed with the work ethic of the builders and their foreman. 8 to 5, 5 days a week and 8 to 4 on Saturdays. Strict lunch breaks and no constant fag and tea breaks. A balanced approach to work which proved really efficient. We enjoyed the company of the crews we met.

We used the electrician, plumbers, plasterer, joiner, painters and tilers as suggested by Plus Rooms. The quality and pace of their work was a joy to behold. We had ordered 1.2m square porcelain tiles which though challenging, to say the least, have been fitted inside and out perfectly.

We also went with their recommended Kitchen designers and fitters (EXCELLENT) and their recommended Sliding Door manufacturers and fitters who had to figure out how to deal with one of the aforementioned quirky design features. The quality of the work is superb. We are quite frankly thrilled.

My wife and I were fortunate to be blessed with the confidence of having seen 4 jobs done for friends of ours already by Plus Rooms. We always had confidence in the crews that Plus Rooms provided and that, we believe, transfers confidence to those crews. Now that the job is completed I can, wholeheartedly, recommend Plus Rooms. It has been the perfect example of money being spent to become something truly worthwhile.