I worked with Plus Rooms on my house refurbishment. It included a kitchen extension, building a new garden studio, and interior redecoration. Although the project time was longer than I expected, I was generally pleasant about the services Plus Rooms provided.

Some highlights:
– They proactively think in your shoes. The house I got was a pretty aged one and the layout was very traditional. They have suggested a modern restructure which I’m really satisfied with now. During the project, they also helped me fix some old legacy issues with the house.

– Neighbour friendly. One of the big concerns was how the construction work would impact my neighbours, as it’s a terraced house. The feedbacks from my neighbours were very positive. Unfortunately, when you work on such a big project, you will have more or less disruptions to your neighbours, but Plus Rooms were handled all of them pretty well.

– Responsiveness. You need to have lots of conversations/communications with your builder when working the construction. I’m happy that Plus Rooms was very responsive. Usually my questions were answered in a day or two. They also promptly notify you about any issues they discovered (there are always unexpected things happening), and propose some solutions.

– Good suppliers. They use a range of good suppliers to supply the materials, designs, and appliances. As they always work together, you only need to choose what you want and they will take care of the collaboration between themselves.