Plus Rooms completed our large kitchen and ground floor remodelling in Autumn 2019. On the whole we are very happy with the results. They were considerate builders, who made sure that the initially reluctant neighbours were on board. They worked quickly and efficiently and were always happy to listen to our concerns as the project unfolded. The reason Plus Rooms got the job is that they were willing to come up with fresh ideas that utilised our space to it’s maximum, rather than just give us what we had asked for. We did have some issues with the window company that Plus Rooms offered us, as they couldn’t provide the size / style of the rear windows we wanted but this was resolved with another supplier coming on board. Also the positioning of the RSJs became a problem during the build and we wish we had more detailed conversations before the build started that would have avoided this. The finishing and snags took longer than expected but that said, we are very happy with the results and would recommend the Plus Rooms team.