We were part of three houses all having side return and kitchen extensions in a row in South London. We had a dormer loft extension in addition for good measure. It was a six month job and turned our lives upside down during lockdown! We looked at a number of companies before opting for Plus Rooms. The clarity of the quotations and the detail they provided up front were more than others and provided more certainty than other builders. They weren’t the cheapest but were exceptionally competitive on price given what they offered. The design of the building work was a smooth experience although you will need to push for things you want to be included. Plus Rooms provide all designs but it’s useful to have clear ideas about what you want rather than just be led by what Plus Rooms suggest. The build itself was smooth. Almost everything was done to time and cost with little to no remedial action needed a year on to fix anything. The project management Plus Rooms provided was excellent and guided us through the work fairly smoothly and kept us up to date on what was happening and to come. Things went wrong, of course, such as pipes being in slightly the wrong place, but it was dealt with and rectified almost instantly both by the project manager and the relevant sub contractor. All sub contractors were excellent and we’ve used them for subsequent work since. The finishing team were outstanding and cheaper than quotes from outside Plus Rooms for similar work. The project management structure took the pressure off the build for us and significantly reduced the stress. All sub contractors were good quality and there was minimal concern about hidden extra costs – we had a quote upfront that was kept to. We did extend the spec of the project slightly (larger skylights, high spec materials, etc) but the cost came in almost exactly to what I’d budgeted for before the work began. Plus Rooms are still in touch with us to deal with any snagging issues but the work was excellent quality and we are delighted with the outcome. For the price Plus Rooms are hard to beat. (TrustPilot)

We extended our kitchen and added an extra bedroom on top of our house last year. Plus Rooms were excellent throughout. The project management aspect took the hassle out of the build and we genuinely got the sense they were working on our behalf, picking up potential problems in the build that we hadn’t noticed or considered. Our project manager was excellent. The build was on time and to budget and, whilst there were a few snagging issues or errors made along the way, all were rectified at the time or Plus Rooms came out to deal with them quickly afterwards. No large scale build is easy but Plus Rooms made it as straight forward as possible. (Google)