The Plus Rooms ‘one stop shop’ model really appealed – especially as I was about to have our second child and we wanted someone to take care of all the admin, permissions, organising trades etc. And they did exactly that – brilliantly. We had a kitchen extension and did a semi-garage conversion and they were great to work with. Our project manager took care of everything and kept us fully informed in weekly site meetings. They stuck to the agreed timeline – a first! – and we had a clear project document that was easy to understand and transparent. In terms of invoicing, we always felt we knew what we were paying for and why, which was reassuring. One of the things that also really impressed us was how they dealt with things that didn’t quite go to plan – this happens in every building project, but how it’s dealt with can make/break a relationship with a contractor and we were very impressed at the positive, problem-solving way Plus Rooms handled the unavoidable glitches. We felt listened to. Our only very small issues were that we were not initially clear on the cost separation between the new extension and the original part of kitchen (in our mind it was all one room). This, possibly, could have been made clearer. We’d also have loved more help making the project more sustainable too – recycling, support on reconfiguring and reuse / advice on greener materials etc. – even though this may have added to the budget. But overall – I would very enthusiastically recommend Plus Rooms! They were highly efficient, great to deal with, have extremely good and considerate contractors and stick to their schedules. Pretty much the best contractors I’ve ever worked with.