Plus Rooms did a single storey kitchen extension in early 2021 and it was as stress free as a building project could be in a winter lockdown!  The team provided helpful advice at each stage and everyone who worked on the project did really high quality work which ensured an excellent result. I’m delighted with the new space and very pleased I used Plus Rooms & would highly recommend them. (TrustPilot)

I wanted to do a ground floor extension and knew I didn’t have the time or skills to manage the project myself so I wanted a company that I could trust to do that for me. Plus Rooms were recommended to me and I wasn’t disappointed.  They oversaw the whole process which meant it progressed according to the agreed time frame and budget and that was particularly important as it was during the lockdown at the start of 2021.  The quality of all the work was excellent and everyone had high standards and cared about details. Although mine was a fairly standard extension, they were ready to advise on different aspects and to offer options.  There were some extra costs along the way, because of choices I made, which meant that the overall cost was higher than I expected. They had made clear what was included but as I hadn’t done a project like this before I was not sure what extras I’d want eg ceiling levelling until we got to that stage. Also, I decided that as I was spending so much money I didn’t want to cut corners on some of the final details. So it ended up being considerably more expensive than the core budget.  Inevitably there are a few things still needing to be sorted and although there is a willingness to do these you do need some persistence to chase them up when everyone has moved on to other jobs.  Overall I was very happy and would certainly recommend Plus Rooms for a hassle free experience. I felt like they looked after me throughout the project and everyone involved worked hard to deliver on the plans. It was a pleasure to have the guys around and as it was during lockdown I saw plenty of them so that was important! Now I’m loving the new space! (Google)