How much time have you spent thinking about the design of your stairs? They seem like such a functional part of your home, but there is no reason why you can’t make them as striking as the rest of your design.

If you’re considering a loft conversion, stairs will become a vital part of your design. Not only do you want them to take up as little space as possible, you also have an opportunity to make them a design feature that adds to your home.

At Plus Rooms, our team are experts at suggesting types of loft conversion stairs and ensuring they work for you while also looking beautiful. Here are a few designs to give you inspiration.

First, the regulations

When you’re building your loft conversion, you will need to be aware of regulations for stairs to make sure they’re incorporated into your design. It is something our experts are acutely aware of, which is why every design we create has a maximum steepness pitch of 42 degrees and a minimum head height of 1.9 metres, with all risers at an equal level.

Also, keep in mind that if there is a drop of more than 600mm (roughly two steps) there must be a handrail for safe access to and from the loft.

Types of loft conversion stairs

As long as you are complying with regulations, the limit for your stairs is your imagination. That said, there are some popular designs that will perhaps give you inspiration for your own loft conversion. Remember that when it comes to your staircase, there are other elements to think about as well, not just how much space you’d like to take from the room downstairs, but also how you illuminate the stairs with natural light to keep them as a beautiful addition to your home.

These are popular designs we have worked with and examples of projects where they have been implemented, but if you’d like something different, the Plus Rooms team loves getting creative and can tailor a bespoke solution for your home, taking care of everything from planning to those final touches.

Winder staircase

We converted this small bungalow into a sizable family home, incorporating a new winder staircase from the hallway on the ground floor leading up to the middle of the loft with a 180-degree turn. Stunning bespoke skylights flood the hallway and staircase with natural light as you ascend into the sunshine-filled loft space above, featuring two bedrooms and a communal shower room. Classic neutral colours also add to the warm, simplistic style of this elegant home.

Stairs over stairs

Most commonly spotted in Victorian and Edwardian terraced housing, stairs over stairs are a popular choice among many homeowners. The stairs face directly towards the door of your new loft, taking you onto the first-floor hallway or landing area. It is a traditional and attractive design concept that fits neatly over your stairs – as the name suggests – without much extensive renovation, so is a great space-saving option.

Open staircase

This gorgeous Chiswick home now has a spacious upstairs loft featuring a master bedroom, en suite bathroom, and a small office area, thanks to our expert design plan. The open staircase leading to the loft brightens the entire floor below, with warm light shining through each step. This inclusive design blends the downstairs with the new loft extension wonderfully, with light pouring in from every angle.

Glass-sided staircase

We incorporated a glass-sided staircase into an impressive extension plan for this terraced house in Shepherds Bush. The sleek contemporary staircase design featuring bespoke glass panels gives a clean and spacious look, allowing light to flow through the entire room.

Spiral stairs

Stylish with extra character, spiral staircases are also an excellent option for those who are space conscious. They are attractive and add an exciting feature to your home while also allowing for more space below. As expected, these space-saving loft stairs result in less footprint than the conventional staircase and the spiral shape adds a contemporary element to any room design, but as they are steeper (within regulations), they may not be ideal for small children.

Perfect design, one step at a time

The staircase is just one part of your loft conversion, but it presents opportunities to do something creative that maximises your space and complements your design. At Plus Rooms, we are experts in creating loft conversion designs so call us for a consultation and we can create the right solution for your home.

Over the years Plus Rooms has established itself as London’s leading design and build company. Whether you’re looking to extend your kitchen or convert your loft, our expert team takes care of the entire process, from planning permission right through to completion. If you’re interested in finding out more, take a look at our past projects, or feel free to get in touch.