London homes are usually compact with restricted options for expansion – but a vaulted ceiling can deliver the light and spacious feeling you’re looking for. Here’s some insight from London’s leading bespoke home renovation construction team on why we love vaulted kitchen extensions.

The Benefits of Vaulted Ceilings

Rather than having a flat, level ceiling, a vaulted ceiling follows the shape of a peaked roofline. There are several great advantages of choosing this type of ceiling when you have a pitched roof extension design in mind.

  • Visual impact – Vaulted ceilings take something ordinary and make it extraordinary, drawing your eyes upward into a dramatic architectural space. This makes the space airy and larger looking even if the room itself is quite small.
  • Design feature – This ceiling line creates a chance to add character to your new kitchen space. It grabs attention and becomes a feature of the space, especially when you include beams, large panel glazing, or skylights. And it won’t take up any practical room in your space.
  • Improved natural light – Vaulted ceilings create more surface area for placing glazing, transom windows, and skylights, and the angle helps capture more sunlight through the day. This improves the natural light in your home, lowering energy bills and making the space warm and welcoming.
  • Flexible style – While pitched roofs are generally considered to be more traditional, they are very flexible in terms of matching the overall style of your home and the interior design of your kitchen. For a farmhouse look, for example, they can include reclaimed wooden beams. For an industrial look, steel beams are an attractive feature, and for modernist spaces the clean white lines of a vaulted ceiling add volume while looking chic and minimalist.

Drawbacks of Vaulted Kitchen Ceilings

Of course, no style is without its disadvantages too. Here are some of the drawbacks of these ceilings to help you make an informed decision.

  • More expensive – Due to the structural considerations and materials they need, pitched roofs have greater design and labour costs which will increase the cost of your kitchen extension.
  • Home cleaning – The height these ceilings create can make it a bit more challenging to clean any ceiling beams, change lightbulbs, and repaint your space.

Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen Extensions to Inspire You

Here are just a few of our most inspirational kitchen extension projects that use this attractive and stylish ceiling design.

Vaulted ceiling kitchen extension in Richmond London

Modern Chic in Richmond

This Richmond home’s kitchen extension shows just how modern and minimalist a vaulted ceiling can be. With large skylights and oversized glazing in the apex of the pitched roof, the space is given dramatic volume, plenty of natural light, and a stunning view of the night sky. With its clean lines, it attracts the eye while still offering a low-maintenance design that brings the multi-use space together. 

Vaulted ceiling kitchen extension in Battersea London

Eye-catching Kitchen in Battersea

Vaulted ceilings can easily be combined with flat roof designs to create volume and an attractive design feature. In this Battersea home, vaulting is placed over the entrance and dining area of the kitchen, creating a characterful feature where the ceiling styles meet. This is further enhanced by skylights along the join and on the pitch itself, giving this space plenty of natural light as well as a contemporary feel.

Vaulted ceiling kitchen extension in Southwark Lonodn

Updated Traditions in Southwark

In this traditional terraced Southwark home, the pitched roof seamlessly brings modern living and traditional architecture together. Lined with the same bare brick as the existing building, the designers put a real twist into the finished result by creating a large, glazed area in the apex. This allows light to flood into the space, creating plenty of volume in a smaller kitchen and dining room, and bringing in the sights and sounds of nature.

Starlight Living in Isleworth

Of course, this Isleworth home is flooded with natural lighting during the day thanks to the very large glazing in the apex of the vaulted ceiling, as well as the oversized skylights that run almost its complete length. But this also creates a very special atmosphere at night, bringing in a view of the stars as you cook, entertain, and share meals with loved ones.

Vaulted ceiling kitchen extension in Battersea London

Farmhouse Beauty in Battersea

In this traditional Battersea home, a vaulted ceiling kitchen extension is the perfect fit. The solid gable and traditional exposed brickwork make the extension truly belong to the original building, while the large aluminium sliding doors and skylights ensure the full volume gets sun through the day. This has created a wonderful family space enhanced by industrial lights, exposed internal brick walls, and chic farmhouse cabinetry.

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