After space, the most important design consideration for a new kitchen is natural light! In the UK, a great design needs to balance light with good insulation and energy efficiency, ensuring that spaces are airy and bright while still staying warm during cooler months without causing a surge in electricity costs. And that’s why our bespoke extension design and construction team makes using Velux windows in kitchen extensions a priority.

The Benefits of Having a Kitchen Extension with Velux Windows

  • Security – No matter where you live, good home security is essential for your peace of mind. Velux windows are burglary resistant and have reinforced construction and integrated locks, keeping your home secure without the need for unsightly window bars and security gates.
  • Noise reducing – Due to their innovative, durable design and seals, these windows reduce noise from the street and surrounds, as well as weather-related noise. This keeps your kitchen and family living space peaceful and relaxing and makes them ideal for roof windows and skylights.
  • Maintenance-free – Maintenance is one of the biggest expenses that homeowners have to deal with, so it’s great to have products like Velux windows that are maintenance-free and waterproof. All they need is a simple wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • Energy-efficient – The last thing you want is to make a compromise between natural light and heating expenses, which is why Velux windows are a great choice for roof windows and large-scale glazing. They are built with ThermoTechnology™, making them airtight and highly insulating while still allowing plenty of warmth and light into your space.
  • Smart capabilities – If you love tech and want to create a smart home, there are some interesting options from Velux to explore. This includes wireless control for windows and blinds, and rain sensors to alert you when windows need to be closed.

Be Inspired by Our Kitchen Extensions with Velux Windows

Kitchen extension with Velux windows in Peckham, London.

Family Space Flooded with Natural Light

This Peckham kitchen extension involved a complete redesign of the ground floor to transform a cramped terrace into a free-flowing and light-filled family home. Here, large sliding doors at the rear and skylights along the side return ensure light flows from two sides of the space, bringing natural warmth and light into a dining, living and kitchen extension.

Kitchen extension with Velux windows in Mortlake, London.

Inside-outside Living in Mortlake
Our Mortlake home extension design project is all about expanding living space out from the terrace home into the garden, creating a space that is ideal for family life and entertaining. Volume and space are maximised with the addition of fully folding doors across the rear wall and watertight Velux windows across the side return, bringing light into the internal kitchen space.

Kitchen extension with Velux windows in Lime Grove, London.

Integrated Family Living in Lime Grove

In this design and construction project, this semi-detached Lime Grove home is able to realise its full potential for family living through its crown roof kitchen extension. With water and airtight Velux skylights and dual secure folding doors, the area has become a free-flowing and multifunctional space for living, dining, and entertaining, maximising beautiful views onto the garden.

Kitchen extension with Velux windows in Wimbledon, London.

Light-filled Kitchen in Wimbledon

With large-scale Velux windows running along the roof of a new side return, this Wimbledon kitchen extension gets plenty of natural light through all seasons. This love of natural light is expanded onto the rear of the extension, where folding doors open out into an enclosed patio, providing a space for indoor-outdoor entertaining in all weather without impacting the natural light inside the kitchen extension itself.

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